2018 International Day Photos | 2018国际日照片

2018 International Day Photos | 2018国际日照片

Original Binbin 宁波爱学国际学校 1周前

We celebrated International Day today, everyone dressed up with their countrys' traditional clothes for the Parade. And we had different games for our students, includes Scavenger hunt, Sushi, Pilolo, Calligraphy, Cultural Dance and Go go Im.  Our parents brought their countrys' traditional food for our International Potluck Lunch. What a wonderful day! Thanks for everyone who attended our International Day.

AIAN International Day Committee

Nov. 16th, 2018

今天我们举办了国际日活动,每个人都穿着他们国家的传统服装参加游行。 我们为孩子们设定了不同的游戏来体验国际日,包括寻宝游戏,做寿司,皮洛洛,书法,文化舞蹈和围棋。 我们的家长也将他们国家的传统食物带到了我们的国际日餐厅与大家分享自己国家舌尖上的美味。多么美好的一天!感谢参加国际日活动的所有人。



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