8 Favorite School Events

The Eight Favorite School Events of AIAN

By: Jihoo Kim

1. Soccer Sunday: An event arranged by Student Council on Sunday for students, teachers, and parents to come and enjoy playing soccer. Student Council prepares a bake sale and drinks for fundraising to help our school to have better events in the future.

2. UN Day: An event arranged by the teachers, students, and parents to present their countries show off their national pride in the afternoon talent show. The lunch is a definite highlight!

3. Movie Night: Watching movies together is a great way to have fun after school with your friends and parents. Thanks to the cheap price, people can buy tickets and snacks to enjoy their movie even more. The money Student Council earns from movie night is used to help out school.

4. Science Fair: Learning is fun by teaching is even better! Thanks to our science teachers for arranging this; it gives everyone a chance to shine like a home-made lightbulb.

5. Open House: The event that kicks off our school year, is open house and barbeque. Arranged by the teachers, they will introduce the curriculum of the new year as well as get to know the parents better with an informal barbecue hosted by our grill master, Mr. Waterman. Those burgers are delicious!

6. Winter Concert: One of the highlights of our first semester is the winter concert. Our music teacher works tirelessly to get everyone from nursery up-to high school ready; and they never disappoint! The songs, dances and skits get everyone right in the mood for the holidays, however you celebrate them.

7. Banquet: Student Council puts together a feast for the senses by opening a for one-night-only restaurant. Waiters serve tasteful food and people enjoy the ambient music and fun games those are prepared. Just don’t fill up on the appetizers, the desert is delicious.

8. Chinese New Year Concert: We are proud to be an international school in China and the concert arranged by our Mandarin teachers, show this off. The hours that Ms. Bao and her team put into helping the students learn how to perform ancient Chinese songs and dances always leave students and parents with the best memories.