Elementary School Science Fair

Elementary School Science Fair by Ryan Godlewski

On November 24th, AIAN held its annual Science Fair.  Students from Nursery thru High School worked hard on a variety of individual and group projects using the scientific method, and they showcased their experiments on display boards in the gym, science lab, and multipurpose room.  Here is a quick recap of what went on at the Elementary level.  The Nursery class attracted a huge crowd with their popcorn demonstration, while the Pre-K class infected the AIAN community with germs in the form of green glitter!  It’s two months later, and we’re still finding it everywhere.  The Kindergarteners impressed us with their project about brushing your teeth, another important lesson for kids of all ages.  The 1st Grade class worked together as a group to teach us all about magnets using some neat demonstrations, and the 2nd Grade class taught us all about different kinds of seeds.  Competition heated up for Grades 3 thru 5 where students hoped their individual projects would take home a ribbon.  3rd Grade entered two projects: a collection of plants, and an investigation of water’s effects on an apple and a potato.  Interesting stuff!  The 4th Graders all paired up and gave us four intriguing projects about glow sticks, magnetic putty, airplane aerodynamics, and plant growth.  Finally, the 5th Graders presented projects about batteries, evaporation, heartbeat, brain damage, and “Would You Live or Would You Die?”  With so many interesting and well-researched projects to choose from, the judges had a difficult task to pick this year’s winner, but the results are in!  In 3rd Place, with their project about batteries, were Abrorbek Ibragimov and Jacob Middleton from 5th Grade!  In 2nd Place, with their project about liquids and plant growth, were Alina Yen and Joy Cho from 4th Grade!  And in 1st Place, with his project about heartbeat, was Brian Song!  Recognition was also given to Johnson Huang and Olly Chen from 4th Grade for the Most Appreciated Project as voted by students, teachers, staff, and parents at AIAN.  Congratulations to all of the winners, as well as all who participated and shared their hard work with the AIAN community, and we look forward to another great Science Fair in Elementary next year!