Our School Looks Awesome!

Our school looks awesome by Toshimitsu Kanai (Grade 11)

Environment is necessary to consider about when people choose their school. Even if the school has really intelligent and bright teachers, the environment around the school might lead students in bad direction. If the school is situated in an urban city, there would be so many distractions. For instance, there would be many cars and people.  However, since AIAN is in rural city, I believe our school has best environment in Ningbo for studying.  

In the middle of the school buildings, we have a beautiful garden. If you look at windows while having class, you can see nature and it will calm you down, focus you, and motivate you to study. It will lead you to study efficiently and effectively. Likewise, many teachers are able to relax by looking at the garden from their office. The nature helps with people’s health, too. Everyone likes to walk when they have time since trees around the playground will make the air clean and fresh. In addition, around our school is awfully quiet. They can concentrate really well on their tasks due to there being are no distractions.  

We think our school is tranquil and if you want more information on our campus, come in and see us