Film Making

Film Making class by Mr. Benjamin Burns, M.F.A.

Film Making is an elective class that focuses on creating short movies. Students in the class will produce thirty second to five minute videos, taking each project from pre-production, through shooting, to post-production and editing. Students will learn the fundamentals of cinematography, how to work with cameras, audio, lights, as well as video editing software. In addition, students will learn how to perform the different roles necessary for such productions, e.g. directing, acting, and script writing. Projects may include (but are not limited to) Public Service Announcements (PSAs), art films, documentaries, music videos, news reports, and short narrative films (action, comedy, horror, romance, sci-fi, etc.).

Students will have individual assignments, small group projects, and productions involving the whole class. Students will learn partially through lectures, partially through critiquing the work of other filmmakers (and fellow filmmakers), and partially through hands-on production.