AIAN Spike the Opposition

AIAN Spike the opposition by Beatriz de Miguel Bessa

During the weekend of October 12-14, the AIAN’s girls’ volleyball team went to Xiamen International School to play in an interschool tournament. We took a five hours and a half train to Xiamen, and then the bus to their school. When we arrived at the school, we ate sandwiches and got ready for our first game. The volleyball team was super excited. The thunder eagles lost with a very close score to the host team. It was just our first game, but we were already making the teams work for their points. We played one more game against Ivy Collegiate Academy (ICA) before calling it a day. If I had to use one word to describe this game, it would have been breathtaking. ICA was the hardest team to beat, yet you saw them running all around like crazy kids trying to get the ball over the net. We also lost this game but we were proud of our team.

                The second day we played four games, we won one game against Kunming International Academy (KIA), lost one game against Kuei Shan School (KSS). Leaving us in the fourth place out of five teams. Next we had to play fourth vs first place. We were making them nervous and exhausted. We even won a set! That was one of the best games the thunder eagles girls’ volleyball has ever played! After that game, we played third place (KSS) and won, bringing home our third place trophy in display at the lobby. GO THUNDER EAGLES!