Locking in the Fun

 By Beatriz De Miguel Bessa

the At AIAN, we had our annual lock-in and we honestly couldn’t wait. It took place on Friday, November 16th, for 50 rmb, right on the AIAN campus. Our StuCo organized different activities to do throughout the night, some include; dodgeball, trivia, etc… For dinner there was pizza, chicken, fried rice and French fries. There were even midnight snacks so nobody went hungry! Usually there is a haunted house in the lock-in schedule but sadly this year we couldn’t do it. Instead, we had new activities like YouTube challenges. Jihoo, a student that has been in this school and StuCo for a long time, said “the lock-in is hard work, [but it’s] exciting, and unforgettable.” This is what we all think about the lock-in. It is very enjoyable, engaging, and a true life experience.

Last year’s lock-in was a very fun and successful one. We started at 6:00 and it went on until 6:00 the next morning. That year, it rained so StuCo had different activities. In 2017 we tried out the computer games for a while to kill time. Everyone had so much fun that we decided to do it again this year. We also played games like balloon pop and dodgeball. Last year there was also pizza, chicken, friend rice, and French fries for dinner. Thanks to Ms.Ji and Mr. Harrington, we also had ice cream. Last year we did have a haunted house and the theme was hospital. It was really well set up and did scare a few students but they all still had a good time at the haunted house. While people waited for their turn at the haunted house, there was a scary movie playing called IT. Students that didn’t want to watch the movie could stay in the lobby and look at their phones or talk to friends.

I think that this year lock-in was even better than the last because we have new activities. Even though there won’t be a haunted house I think both students and teachers had fun playing, laughing, and watching movies. The students made memories, learned new games. And had a fascinating night. Even the teachers had fun! ‘It’s hard getting up at three AM but it is worth it to help students form lifelong memories’ said Mr. Porritt. StuCo also had fun planning it and they always get positive feedback. This is how a lock-in is at AIAN; that’s how an event is done right.