Passion Project / 激情项目

Dear AIAN parents,

We excited to announce our schools move to a Passion Project.  This project allows students an opportunity to research a topic that interests them.  Once students complete their research they will be required to present their finding in an original way. These projects will need to incorporate at least one of our school learning objectives (SLOs). Please visit our website to learn more about our SLOs,

Each student will be mentored and monitored by an AIAN staff member. Students working on their passion project will do so in a supervised location at all times. They will be graded on the following:

  • Initial proposal

  • Monthly progress reports

  • Additional grading based on effort, research skills and creativity.

  • Final presentation

Currently students are coming up with their ideas. Some of the topics that students have selected are programming languages, dance, and soccer training skills. 

In the end, we would want students to report:

  • What was their passion and why?
  • Where did their research lead them?
  • What was their process like?
  • What did they create?
  • What did they learn?

If you would like to learn more about this, Mr. Waterman will be hosting a seminar on this topic shortly after Chinese New Year.  If you have any specific in the interim, please contact Mr. Waterman.

Thanks for your ongoing support.  If you are interested in mentoring a project in the future please let our team know.


The Passion Project Team (Mr. Waterman, Mrs. Burns, Mr. Porritt and Mr. Zavatsky)


我们很高兴宣布爱学成立了“激情项目”。该项目让学生们有机会去研究他们感兴趣的主题。一旦学生完成他们的研究,他们将被要求以独特的方式展示他们的研究成果。 这些项目会被纳入爱学的学校学习目标(SLOs)。请访问我们的网站,了解有关我们SLOs的更多信息,。


每一位学生都要接受一位爱学工作人员的指导与监督。从事激情项目的学生将始终在受监督的地点工作。 他们将按以下方式被评分:

  • 原始提案
  • 每月进度报告
  • 基于努力,研究技能和创造力的额外评分。
  • 最终陈述

目前学生们正在准备他们的想法。他们已选择的部分主题包括编程语言,舞蹈和足球训练技巧。 在最后,我们希望学生们做的报告包括:

  • 他们的激情研究的是什么且为何激情?
  • 他们的研究指引着他们到哪?
  • 他们的研究流程是怎么样的?
  • 他们创造了什么?
  • 他们学到了什么?

 如果您想了解更多相关信息,Waterman先生将在农历新年后不久举办关于此主题的研讨会。 如果您在此期间有任何具体的想法,请联系Waterman先生。

感谢您的持续支持。 如果您有兴趣来指导项目,请告知我们的团队。