AIAN Science Fair Review 2018

AIAN Science Fair Review 2018 by Mrs. Celine Christie-Bohler

AIAN students have presented their experiments, models and research in our science fairs for several years now. Their hard work pays off when they wow the crowds of students, teachers, parents, and friends of the community who file into our gymnasium and multipurpose room to see their displays and listen to their presentations.

This year, I was amazed by the level of presentation skills that I had seen. Right from some of our youngest students who shared with us the various species of dinosaurs and the characteristics that each one has, to senior students who displayed a workable energy efficient air conditioner, the confidence and thorough explanation that these students gave was phenomenal. Some highlights throughout the day, from younger to older, were explanations of the features in a diorama representing animal habitats, ideal soil comparisons for growing, a working robotic arm, the relationship between brain-body mechanics, a detailed explanation at the molecular level as to why some solvents were poor at dissolving sugar, the possibility for a future in space travel, the process of making silver for mirror-backing, computer flower recognition, the effect of heat on pressure, ice formation from Japanese frost flowers, and reasons for specific chemicals to inhibit jellification. Our students knew their topics well and gave their all when sharing their findings to their audience. Congratulations AIAN students for your impressive deliveries this year!