Seeing the future today at AIAN

Seeing the future today at AIAN by High School journalism

Thanks go to to our new owners Beilun Educational Ministry and Hape international for the quick response on the building of the sign over our school! The brightly lit, three meter high letters sound out boldly against rooves of our high school and arts buildings and announce to the world that we are here and we are going to provide the best education in the Ningbo area. “They’re magnificent!’ said one teacher at school and ‘they look so welcoming’ said Beatriz in ninth grade.

This is not the only job that will be completed in the redevelopment of the school infrastructure. Mr. Binbin has been hard at work this week fitting our new superfast Wi-Fi routers throughout the school, making sure that learning can happen at a breakneck pace. Intelligence and character have never been closer to our students’ grasp!

We are also excited to announce officially that we will be putting in a gate at the back of the school in order to ease the congestion and make sure that all of our students can arrive here on time. ‘Sometimes the buses could be fifteen, twenty minutes late’ said Ms. Susan, our school receptionist. According to Mr. Porritt, ‘Having the students come to school on time will mean that they will spend more time doing what is important; learning’.

All these changes are steps in the right direction for our school and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep your eye out for new exciting and innovative practices and policies that will help our school go from strength to strength.