2018 Week without Walls

2018 Week without Walls by Jihoo Kim (Grade 11)

Week without Walls, is one of the most popular events held in AIAN. For several years it has been well designed by teachers and tour agents to give students the best possible experience. The people who participate in this event have a few days away from school, travelling to places near and far.

Every other year, we go on a big trip to different cities that students have never been to. During these trips, students can improve their communication and collaborative skills as well as having the chance to make new friends and learn about each other. This year, preschool and elementary will join together and so will Middle and High school.

From Monday to Friday, pre and elementary school will be heading to different places such as the new mall, and Jiu Feng Mountain. During rainy days, their plans will stay the same but they will wear rain coats and boots. On Wednesday, everyone will meet up for potato picking activities with their buddies from different grades. From Thursday through Friday, Secondary students will stay on campus and have our annual Guerilla Film Festival. During the festival, students will work in groups to create an original film. Each group will contain one 11th grader and one student from the film making class. We hope all students will participate in 2018 Week without Walls and enjoy their time playing in a new learning environment.