Welcome Back to AIAN

Welcome back to AIAN by High school Journalism

Summer is over and that means only one thing- back to School! Welcome back to AIAN for the school year of 2018-19. We all hope that your vacation has been good and restful, and if you have done anything especially cool, and if you want to share it with everyone, talk to Mr. Zavatsky or Mr. Porritt and it might even see it here online!

We also have a very special welcome to all the new students who are joining us. We know that you will soon be Thunder Eagles through and through!  Don’t worry if you’re shy or nervous, we have worked hard for a long time to make sure our school has a real family feel. Everyone here is excited to meet you so show your character and soon everyone here will be your friend. This year we will start with a very special surprise day; Mr. Waterman will be telling us all about it in the assembly first thing Monday morning.

Just another thing for your calendar is our annual Open House coming in just four weeks. We can smell those burgers and hotdogs already! That’s also the time for people to come in and really get to know the teachers here; if you’re new and have a question please make the time to come and ask it. If you’ve been here a while, well, we’d just love to see you and visit with old friends.

Keep your eye out for more stories about our school here, on Wechat or listen out for our announcements. Let’s all work together to make 2018-19 the best year ever.