Computer Labs

We made several important upgrades to our technology infrastructure. We now have 3 fully functional and connected computer labs.

We increased our bandwidth and updated our wireless network. We also installed projectors into every classroom to make instruction more efficient; we upgraded our computer labs and increased the number from two to three computer labs. We have added SmartBoards to strategic classrooms and the library.

We also upgraded our operating system to Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office to Office 2013.

AIAN connects to the outside world on a 50M fiber optic line that is distributed with a 100M/1000M wired intranet and industrial-strength wireless network. Desktops are connected directly to the 100M/1000M network, while laptops are connected via the 300M network. These two technologies combined allow for easy and quick access to internal network and external internet resources from anywhere on the school campus. The AIAN network is highlighted by servers for files, media and collaborative work schemes. Server redundancies are built into the email and file servers, allowing for speed and stability.

Science Labs

The school is equipped with two science labs, Physics and a Chemistry/Biology lab to allow for hands-on experimentation using the scientific process.