HS Science

Poonam Dhyani has a Bachelor of Education (Science) and a Master’s Degree in Chemistry. She is our High School Science teacher. She focuses on developing  strong analytical skills so that students can quickly assess how to solve problems.She believes in learner-centred and task based learning teaching.She has an  experience to  guide students in practical and theory of  AP, A level, As Level and IGCSE . She has  more than fourteen years experience in Education Sector .  She is a committed, devoted,  enthusiastic, patient and flexible teacher.



Robert Bohler received his formal training as an artist at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and B.Ed. from Queen’s University in Canada.

Drawing upon 25 years’ practical experience as an artist, he gives students exposure to a wide range of media and artistic techniques including; drawing, painting, digital photography, sculpture and printmaking.  He believes that art can be used as a powerful tool to reinforce student learning in other areas of the curriculum, and as such students will be able to create stronger personal connections with what they are studying in language arts, social studies, science and even mathematics



Yoonjeong Ji is from South Korea and has 12 years of teaching in 4 different Asian countries.  Ms. Ji has experience teaching learners of all ages general Music, Music History, Music theory, vocals, Music Musical composition and Physical Education.  She holds a BA in Music and Korean literature with teaching certification from South Korea.  Currently, Ms. Ji is expanding her teaching qualifications in order to be certified in the United States.  Her goal is for all of her students to develop their musical skills in a creative and collaborative environment.


Health and Physical Education

Steve Tsandelis currently teaches Health and Physical Education at AIAN. He has two years previous teaching experience in Kuwait. He recieved a Bachelors of Education  from Canada and has a Degree in Psychology from Canada



Julia Zhu teaches Mandarin at AIAN. She graduated from XI`AN International Studies University. Julia has been in AIAN for more than 3 years and is loved by students and colleagues. She is continually learning and has National Teacher Certification, Mandarin Certification, and International Profession Certification. She loves kids and teaching.




Cassie Fang almost has six years’ experience in teaching. She graduated from Zhejiang University of Finance& Economics with the B.A. degree and majored in English. She has worked in Hangzhou and has taught English for more than six years. She has National Teacher Certification and loves Chinese deeply. She believes that interests plus efforts can make you learn well.