Grade 2

Ms. Yi is from Covina, California in the United States.  In her first year at AIAN, she is the Pre- Kindergarten teacher.  Ms. Yi received her bachelor’s degree in sociology from California State University, Northridge, and she is a certified teacher in Washington, D.C.  Ms. Yi also received a TESOL certification (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) while working in South Korea.  She has been teaching at international academies and public schools in Asia since 2010, and she enjoys traveling, playing with her puppy, Brady, knitting, and doing nail art!  This is her first time teaching in China, and she is excited to be a part of the AIAN community and explore China.



Ms. Andrea Badell is from Venezuela. Ms. Badell holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s Degree in International Education. She has been teaching for 12 years. This is her second year as the Kindergarten Teacher at AIAN. Ms. Badell is also a WASC Coordinator as the Community Liaison.


Grade 3 / 4

Joe Harrington is an American from the state of Oregon with over 16 years teaching in the U.S. and abroad with stops in Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Uzbekistan, Malaysia and now China.  He has experience teaching learners aged 3-20, ELL, literature, Social studies and Elementary.  Currently, Mr. Harrington is the basketball coach for the team here at AIAN and he also manages the community garden.  As an educator, Mr. Harrington’s goal is to develop critical thinking skills and creativity, along with English literacy skills.  Mr. Harrington is also enrolled in a Masters in Teaching program, which he will finish in the spring of 2019.



Christina studied psychology and has a Master’s Degree in International Education from Framingham State College. She first worked as a psychologist at a Special Education institute for 10 years. Then she worked as a Preschool Teacher at an American school in Venezuela. Afterwards, Christina became the Head Coordinator of The Carousel School.

She has also some studies related to Chinese medicine and reflexology. Christina enjoys knitting, coffee time and reading, as well as traveling and visiting her daughter.


Grade 5 / 6 English and Social Studies / HS Physics and Statistics

Mr. Godlewski is from Wells, Maine in the United States.  In his first year at AIAN, he is the Grade 4 teacher and Table Tennis instructor.  Mr. Godlewski received his Engineering Degree from the University of Connecticut and his teaching certification from Washington, D.C.  He has been teaching at international academies in Asia since 2011, and he enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures.  Mr. Godlewski aims to make learning fun and exciting for his students using challenging activities, new technology, and of course a bit of humor.  This is his first time teaching in China, and he is excited to be a part of the AIAN community.


Teacher / Librarian

Celine Christie-Bohler is presently teaching a grade 9 geography course in addition to teaching grade 5, and she is in her fifth year with AIAN. She has a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario in Canada with degrees in History and Psychology, a B.Ed. from Queen’s University in Canada, and she is certified through the Ontario College of Teachers to teach Junior Kindergarten to Grade Six as well as Grades Seven to Ten social studies. Celine helps students to make global connections in each subject area and she collaborates with colleagues to bring art and technology into various assignments. Her classes have a strong focus on both global and class citizenship. Celine also coaches track and field.



Branka Andrejic, our middle school mathematics teacher, has more than ten years of international teaching experience at the middle school level. She holds an M.A. in Education, and a K-8 teaching license from the State of Illinois with endorsements in Middle School Mathematics and ELL. Ms. Andrejic brings a wealth of knowledge and sound strategies in order to bring the understanding of math on a higher level. Her book, published in 2011,  Math Peace, is compilation of student-developed word problems. Currently, Ms. Andrejic teaches all middle school mathematics courses at AIAN and is ASA coordinator. 


MS Science

Mr. Guillen teaches middle school science at AIAN. He has a BS and a MS in Chemistry from the United States. Mr. Guillen has been teaching High School science since 2010 and has joined AIAN as our middle school science teacher.  Mr. Guillen enjoys bringing real life applications of science into the classroom and nurturing lifelong science learners. In his spare time, Mr. Guillen enjoys watching movies, reading, playing sports, traveling and spending time with friends and family.


ELL Elementary

Ruth Porritt is an English Language Learning teacher from Ohio, in America. She attended university in Pennsylvania, and graduated with a degree in English. She obtained a TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) teaching certificate in Italy.

Ruth really enjoys teaching English at AIAN, and this year will make her 8th year of teaching abroad.

In her spare time, Ruth enjoys travel, exercise, reading, and movies. 


7th and 8th Grade English and Social Studies / HS Geography and US History

Sharon Franklin is from the United States, but grew up in Singapore.  She has her Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies, double majoring in History and Education with an ESOL endorsement. She has a Masters in teaching and her Administrative license.  She has been in education for 16 years as both a teacher and administrator.  She has been teaching abroad in Tajikistan, Poland and now China.  She loves to travel, meeting new people and learning about new cultures.  This is Mrs. Franklin’s first year at AIAN.  She teaches middle school Social Studies and 8th grade English