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The AIAN Library houses over 20,000 titles available to AIAN students, families, and staff. The library offers an extensive collection of fiction, non-fiction, reference books, eBooks, DVDs, and more. Students, families and staff can also access on-line resources that are appropriate for elementary age students on this website.


The Access International Academy's library exists to provide both the atmosphere and a diversity of high quality materials that will foster in each child a lifelong love of learning. The library curriculum promotes inquiry through information literacy instruction that enhances and reinforces classroom content. In order to accomplish this, the librarian will:

  • Encourage and foster a love of reading
  • Continue to update and expand print, non-print, on-line resources, and technology
  • Introduce and integrate emerging technological advancements into the curriculum
  • Teach 21st Century literacy skills using a developmentally appropriate inquiry-based model
  • Collaborate with staff members to design a library curriculum and purchase resources that support the learning of native English speakers and ELL students
  • Maintain a welcoming and productive atmosphere in the library