Office Secretary

Susan Chen has a B.A. degree in English Education from Ningbo University and has an M.A. in World Literature and Comparative Literature at East China Normal University. She worked as a Mandarin teacher at Language institutes in Shanghai for three years and then has worked as a school office secretary at AIAN for more than five years.


Office Secretary

Lilian Chen graduated from Ningbo Institute of Technology, Zhejiang University in 2005. Before coming to AIAN, she worked as HR Specialist/Executive in foreign companies. Since  2010, she has worked in AIAN as School Office Secretary. It’s more than five years.

Binbin Zheng

IT Coordinator

Binbin Zheng is the IT coordinator at AIAN. He has B.A. in Computer Network/Computer Science from China. He has 4 years as Network Coordinator/Administrator in China and 3 years teaching math and computer science in China. He likes computer technology and kids, he hopes that the work he does in IT provides a more engaging educational experience for our students.


Facilities Manager

Steven Zhang is the facilities officer at AIAN. He has bachelor degree from China and can speak both English and German. He has three years’ work experience in export.


Visa and Purchase Officer

Alice Chen has been working at AIAN since 2011. Her main duty is visa and local purchases. She has two bachelor degrees from China and the US. She likes reading, singing and playing with her daughter.  She loves her family and loves her job here.