Access International Academy Ningbo

Intelligence + Character

Access International Academy Ningbo strives to allow students to realize their true potential as
Global Citizens with Effective Communication and Collaborative Skills, and a commitment to Lifelong Learning.

Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Program at AIAN is comprised of the Early Years and Kindergarten classes in which students from ages 3-6 develop self-esteem, motor skills, creativity, self-mastery, and autonomy in an immersive English learning environment.

Elementary School

Elementary School is an essential step in preparing children for for the future.  It is where students in grades 1-4 learn to read, where they learn the fundamental skills of science and mathematics, and where they gain a basic understanding of the world and its history.

Middle School

Middle School at AIAN comprises grades 5-8, where students are supported academically and emotionally as they enter their teenage years.  A strong focus is placed on teaching students to be responsible and to use their intelligence in creative ways.

High School

High School students in grades 9-12 at AIAN are preparing for higher learning at colleges and universities around the globe.  Graduates of AIAN possess the intelligence and character necessary to make a difference in the 21st century world.

Extracurricular Activities

AIAN offers students a wide variety of activities to develop various skills and contribute to the community.  Extracurricular activities at AIAN include athletics, clubs, Student Council, community service, contests, competitions, performances, and many more.

Connect 5

AIAN offers a unique addition to the curriculum for Middle and High School students to Connect with experts in the areas of Science, Technology, the Arts, Business, and Society to discover, develop, and pursue their passions through a year-long project.

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Access International Academy Ningbo is aligned with the standards of world-class organizations which support students academically and developmentally.  These affiliations reflect our commitment to providing high-quality educational experiences for our students and building a strong community around them.