Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At AIAN, Opportunity is for Everyone

Our Beliefs toward Acceptance

  1. We believe all people are of equal value and that all education and care providers have the responsibility to make high quality, balanced provisions for all people to help them to achieve their full potential.
  2. We believe that providing inclusive care and learning environments are effective ways of combatting discriminatory attitudes and contributing toward the creation of welcoming and inclusive communities.
  3. We believe that all people benefit from the opportunity to participate and learn in inclusive and diverse communities.  We recognize the right of all students and families to participate regardless of ability, gender, race, religion, culture, or economic status.
  4. We believe successful inclusion is based on increasing participation by removing barriers, building bridges, and celebrating human diversity.

Our Commitment

We strive to ensure that students and families in our community have access to a quality learning environment that is developmentally and individually appropriate regardless of differing abilities and needs.  Our efforts include:

  • Open Enrollment:  Everyone is welcome.  All students who are able to function in our limited environment will be considered for enrollment.  However, government regulations must be considered.
  • Naturally Occurring Proportions:  AIAN provides a mainstream setting.  The proportion of children with disabilities accepted into the program is roughly that which occurs in the surrounding community.
  • Same Range of Options:  All students and families will have the same enrollment options with regard to days and hours of attendance.
  • Full Participation:  Necessary supports will be provided so that each student can participate, in some way, in the whole range of learning activities and daily routines offered at AIAN.