Message from the Head of School

Dear AIAN Community and Visitors,

Thank you for visiting our school website, and welcome to Access International Academy Ningbo, a well-established international school in the vibrant Beilun district of Ningbo, China.  At AIAN, it is our mission to motivate students to become individuals of intelligence and character, and we do so by cultivating a safe and caring environment where they can think, learn, care, and grow.

To prepare student for the 21st century, we strive to provide the highest quality education supported by qualified and experienced teachers and support staff.  Our curriculum is based on the international AERO standards, which assure that students gain proficiency in all essential content areas from Early Childhood thru High School.  AIAN is also supported through its accreditations and memberships with well-known organizations such as WASC, EARCOS, and ACAMIS.

At AIAN, we believe that students are most likely to flourish in their academics and succeed later in life with a strong support system around them.  This requires individualized attention from teachers and parents, and a supportive network of peers, which we encourage through our many school events like concerts, fairs, and International Day.  We also believe that students should have real world experiences throughout their education for which we've developed a unique program known as Connect 5.  In Connect 5, students identify their own passions in the fields of science, technology, the arts, business, and society, and work with expert mentors from local businesses and organizations to complete a meaningful project.

Most importantly, we place high importance on creating a family-like atmosphere at AIAN, where every student is valued regardless of race, nationality, or background.  We encourage our students to explore their individuality and uniqueness, while at the same time promoting the values of respectable world citizens.  Graduates of AIAN are fully prepared to confront the challenges of today's modern world with strong collaborative and communication skills, and their commitment to lifelong learning will assure they remain adaptable in the global landscape.

To all of our current families and community members, we are proud to continue serving you in new and exciting ways, and to all who are interested in joining us, we are certain you will find a comfortable and welcoming home at Access International Academy Ningbo.

Yours Sincerely,

Ryan Godlewski, Head of School