Computer Lab 1

The academic program at AIAN operates in a technology-rich environment, enabling students with the digital skills and confidence necessary for success in the 21st century.  Technology classes in the elementary and middle school years focus on building digital literacy and skills through thoughtful use of the Internet and software applications, and electives such as computer programming and web development are offered at the high school level.

More than just a stand-alone subject, technology is fully integrated into the curriculum at all levels, with interactive whiteboards, robotics, virtual reality, and a variety of software and online platforms being used on a daily basis by teachers and staff to support student learning.

The understanding that students must be well-prepared for the 21st century is incorporated into each of AIAN's Student Learning Outcomes (Collaborative Skills, Effective Communication, Global Citizenship, and Lifelong Learning).  Students improve collaborative skills through technology by using various programs and apps in group projects and presentations.  Effective communication takes place every day through the use of technology to connect with overseas teachers using online platforms and learning tools.  Global citizenship is strengthened through lessons on responsible use of the Internet and cyber-safety.  Finally, a commitment to lifelong learning is the very motivation that students must learn in order to accept that the world is changing rapidly, and it's important to adapt to changes rather than fight them.