Early Childhood

At AIAN, we are committed to making our students’ first experiences at school the most meaningful and enjoyable.  This will allow them to set positive expectations for their school life and instill their love for learning.  Also, we believe that building strong relationships with our students' families at this stage will determine your child’s academic success.  The Early Childhood Program at AIAN is based on the idea that play is the natural way for children to explore, and thus, learn about themselves and the world around them. 

We strive to unveil each child’s individual potential, tailoring the learning activities to their educational and emotional needs.

Our academic content is based on the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards for Early Years and Pre-Kindergarten.  As students move up to Kindergarten, they transition into AERO standards to align with the upper grades' curriculum.

Charity Yi,
Vice Principal of
Early Childhood

When young children come to AIAN, they are greeted  by caring and dedicated professionals who will guide them in their adventures and experiences in the Early Childhood Program.  We believe that children should learn through hands-on, active, and playful activities that foster their independence and critical thinking skills.