Elementary School

Elementary School at AIAN is where challenging fundamentals meet hands-on learning experiences.  From the ages of seven to eleven, students in the Elementary program will learn to think, learn, care, and grow in their core specials classes.  Students will develop an inquisitive nature and begin to discover who they really are.  They will do experiments, equations, and locate the equator; they will sing, share, and study.  Our teachers will guide them and shape them into the very best versions of themselves that these wonderful children can be.  Below, you can browse some of the key domains that we are growing young minds in.

Charity Yi, Vice Principal of Elementary School

Academics are rigorous and challenging in all levels of Elementary School, and through the AERO standards, you can be certain that your child is building the absolute best foundation in education that he or she possibly can.  As Elizabeth Warren said, 'A good education is a foundation for a better future,’ and we solemnly believe this here at AIAN.  By teaching inquisitiveness, we set the children up for success in the future.