High School

International High School Program Based on AERO Standards

At Access International Academy Ningbo, there is something for everyone.  High school students build a schedule of required and elective courses each semester as they work toward completing the graduation requirements.  The high school curriculum follows AERO standards, which are based on the American Common Core State Standards.  English is the language of instruction for all subjects, and Mandarin is taught by native speakers.

A full course catalogue details the offerings available in each content area, including AP courses.

As an official SAT testing center, AIAN also provides high school students with several opportunities each year to take SAT and PSAT exams on campus.  Starting from grade 9, each student works with a college counselor to create an individualized advisory plan to stay on track throughout high school, and with support from the Bridge-U online guidance program, students are given direction in their journey toward higher learning after graduating from AIAN.

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Glen Porritt,
Vice Principal of Secondary School

The high school years are some of the most memorable of our lives.  They are not only the years that shape our futures with the passions we develop for different strengths and interests, but also when we form lifelong friendships.  At AIAN, we focus on teaching the whole individual by offering students opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and contribute to the community.  Graduates of AIAN can be proud that they possess the knowledge, skills, and passions necessary to succeed in the real world and make it a better place for the next generation of young learners.