Middle School

Moving to Middle School involves a whole new set of responsibilities that we guide your children through.  By the time they move to High School, they are young people of real intelligence and character.  Students in Middle school delve deeper into the worlds that they encountered in Elementary School by attending classes taught by subject matter experts.  They will transition from music, to math, to Mandarin; from information technology, to art, to geography.  The questions asked of the students become bigger, more complex, and more nuanced; and they will learn that more important than the right answer, is the right method of getting there.

Reflecting the growing maturity of the students means that they are included in our exciting Connect 5 program, where they are able to have their own say on the direction of their learning.  They are helped along the way by experts not only in school, but from the worlds of science, technology, business, the arts, and society.  By giving children as young as  age 11 the chance to find their own true voice, we are empowering them to truly be global citizens.

Glen Porritt,
Vice Principal of Secondary School

In Middle School, students make some of their most important and lasting memories of their lives, and that is why we take so much time to get it right.  At AIAN, we believe that continuing to explore the world around is key at this age, and we employ only the most modern of techniques in order to make sure your children will grow and develop into the world leaders of tomorrow.