Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

The Access International Academy Ningbo Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is an unincorporated, non-profit organization.

What Does the PTA Do?

  • Maintains an understanding amongst parents and students and a working relationship with the school administration and teachers in the school.
  • Assists the school, upon request from administration/faculty, within its means and with all its good will with tasks involving planning, budgeting, funding, organization, and management of school events.
  • Raises funds to support the functioning of the association and purchases exceptional items  that fall outside the normal scope of school funding and activities.

Who Are Our PTA Members?

  • Membership: Parents/guardians of all students currently enrolled at AIAN, all faculty members, and school administrators are members of the PTA.
  • Non-Profit Character of the PTA: The PTA shall be exclusively non-profit seeking and benefiting no individuals; no part of its activities shall relate to political or religious aims.  The PTA supports the school in providing education that promotes learning and furthers cultural and international understanding.
  • This school year, our PTA President is Ms. Lindsey Zhang, our PTA Vice President is Ms. Andy Hu, and our PTA Treasurer is Ms. Eunjeong Kim.

Join Our PTA!

Please contact the main office to express your interest in becoming a member of our PTA.