International Day!

Ryan Godlewski

Last Friday, we were finally able to celebrate one of our favorite days of the school year, International Day!  Usually held in the fall, International Day provides our school community with a chance to celebrate the many different cultures that make AIAN the unique family it is.  From the morning, it seemed the rain would get in the way of our fun, but when it came time for our annual parade, the sun pushed through the clouds and called us to show our AIAN pride in the streets of Liren Garden!  Led by the Beilun's finest horses, our students and teachers marched through the community boasting the flags and colors of their home countries.

Afterwards, our students shared activities and presentations of countries all over the world with each other and their parents.  Each grade presented countries on different continents, and they seemed to really enjoy playing games, doing art activities, and learning facts about different countries.

All of this certainly made everyone hungry, so we were once again so lucky to have a feast of international food prepared by our wonderful parents!  The cafeteria was transformed into a buffet that would compete with any 5 star restaurant, and everyone enjoyed the delicious dishes from around the world.  We wish this could be our lunch every day of the year!

After lunch and some free time to play and socialize, it was time for a new addition to our International Day program, the AIAN Talent Show.  It should come as no surprise that we have some of the most talented students here at our school, and this show also gave us all a chance to see some of those talents that have been hiding among our students.  It truly made for the perfect end to our International Day celebration!

Thanks so much to everyone who joined, and especially to everyone who was involved in the planning and implementation of the International Day events and Talent Show!  We have an amazing team at AIAN, and when our students, teachers, and parents work together, we become the perfect International family!