International Day 2021-2022

Charity Yi

AIAN held their annual International day on October 24, 2021. We started the day off by lining up by countries inside the campus.  Students, staff, and family members were encouraged to wear traditional clothes from their country and walked in a parade that went through the Liren community.  After the parade the students were separated by grade and had the chance to experience some different cultures from Ghana, South Korea, Egypt, Philippines, South America, Mexico, Australia, Scotland, and the United Kingdom. 

Students “travelled” to South America and learned about famous landmarks that are in various countries in South America. Then they headed to Mexico where students had a chance to create and make their own piñata that is filled with surprises they can open at home with family.  After, they made their way to Australia where kangaroos hopped and boomerangs flew around the class! Later the students proceeded to Egypt where they were challenged to make a pyramid by only using uncooked spaghetti and clay, and boy did they do an amazing job! Next they learned a Scottish dance and learned to make English tea.  It was very delicious! The students then flew to Ghana where they learned a cultural dance that got everyone’s body moving. As a special treat, the Korean dads volunteered to teach our students how to play Korean soccer on the basketball courts.  It is a mixture of volleyball, soccer, and tennis rules all in one game.  Everyone had such a fantastic time learning about the different cultures.

After experiencing the various cultures, we had our amazing potluck of food from all over the world!  Our amazing parents and chef have rolled up their sleeves and made some tasty food for our community to try and taste.  So many students, staff, and parents were eager to get seconds everything was scrumptious. We had tteokbokki and kimbap from South Korea, Sausages from Germany, Hotdogs from America, special pudding from Iran, Tremella soup from Taiwan, Venezuelan fried rice, various delicacies from China, and so much more! To finish the day off we ended with a cultural talent show from our very talented students at AIAN. It was an amazing day where students, families, and staff got to learn and experience cultures from around the world.

Please enjoy the highlight video from this year's International Day below!