Head of School: Dan Waterman


Dan Waterman

AIAN is a vibrant community of learners, lead by an experienced and caring staff. We strive to prepare our students for the 21st Century by creating a warm and caring environment with high academic standards and individualized instruction.

At AIAN, this all happens with in a caring community environment that collaborates to inspire everybody in it – student, teachers and parents. We work together to provide the best possible learning experience for our students. Our curriculum is based on global International standards. 

AIAN aims to attract and retain outstanding teachers who have the skills, knowledge, and values that will contribute to the success of the school. We're very fortunate to have assembled an experienced, highly qualified faculty from around the world who can individually and collectively provide an exciting, balanced, and highly productive education for our students

Here every student is valued regardless of race, nationality or background. We wish to create graduates who not only exemplify the best in academic achievement but also reflect our school's commitment to building character. It is our focus to develop students to be global citizens, effective communicators, skillful collaboraters and life-long learners.

As we say in our weekly assemblies: Intelligence plus character--that is the goal!