Sara Ahmadi, Class of 2020

Sara Ahmadi

Hello Everyone, I’m Sara, one of AIAN’s graduates from 2020, and I can’t believe I have graduated for more than half a year now.  The reason why this is so surreal to me is because I have never considered myself “left” the AIAN community.  There are mornings where I wake up around seven and feel in a rush because I felt the school bus is going to arrive soon.  AIAN is a place where I felt I belonged rather than just a school where I studied.  All the staff are like old friends for me to some extent.  We shared jokes, stories, and laughed most of the times.  I really enjoyed my years in AIAN.  I learnt, played, cried, laughed, and grew as a young woman both biologically and emotionally.  If you have never experienced having the school you’re studying in to be your home, well, I suggest you to give AIAN a shot.

After graduating from AIAN, away from the second home, I miss many things, but mostly, our snack bar, and the playground during a sunny day; we might not have the biggest snack bar, but the diversity is what makes it special.  The playground, when it is recess time and everyone is out for the warm sun, it’s probably the most calming and thrilling views I have seen.  Soccer balls rolling, tossing from one side to the other, volleyballs bouncing from one arm to the other, students running, falling, sliding, but at the end of the recess, everyone goes to classrooms with big smiles on their blushed faces.  If I could go back to high school for a day, I would play volleyball at recess, eat chocolate bars from the snack bar before lunch break, and sit outside on the bench after lunch, with my friends, talking about what anime we are watching lately.

Currently, I’m sitting in front of my laptop screen, daydreaming about going back to high school at AIAN, while waiting for my online morning classes to begin.  Due to the pandemic, most schools aren’t opened yet until summer, for now, and classes are held online, and with me being in Ningbo, the time difference is what I’m struggling with, but with what I learned from my years in AIAN, I’m sure I have the confidence that it’ll take to manage the struggles.  I wish everyone in university is doing well, and I wish all the staff and students at AIAN are happy and healthy.

Stay Safe Everyone,

Sara Ahmadi