Sports Day Recap

Wellington Sumo

On Friday, March 26, Access International Academy hosted it's annual Sports Day.  The event lasted several hours and was full of exciting activities.  Students worked in  teams to compete in competitions such as basketball, soccer, and relay races.  This year parents, students, and teachers turned out to support and cheer on their favorite teams (yellow and purple).  The weather was perfect and it led to lots of excitement on the field during each competition.  Sports Day this year at AIAN brought back fond memories for many parents and teachers who were involved in competing and also cheering on the different teams to victory.

On behalf of our school, we'll extend appreciation to everyone for great team spirit, sportsmanship, and a high level of enthusiasm on the occasion which made Sports Day even more worthwhile.  We look forward to seeing you next sports day!

You can watch the highlight video of Sports Day HERE.